Children's Education

By Your Teacher Loving Beast

I can agree that children's education is very important and yes a good native english teacher is better than a course of non english speakers. However there are a few things I stress to parents. The first idea is that the parents are honestly the best teachers the kids will ever learn from. Taken from the Crow, "Mother is the name of God on the lips and hearts of all children". No truer words have ever been said. So in the face of that, no matter how good of a teacher I could be I could never compare to this. So it is so important to be apart of your child's growth, encourage them to study and learn this challenging but rewarding language. 
Yes I do work in a couple of children's courses in real life. I actually love them, and have a daughter of my own. So it's because of that reason, I won't try to teach young children online, because they are needing more interaction and play, rather than hard study in cold unfeeling texts. Of course during sessions, I'm funny, and show images from the internet to help convey ideas. Of course I have been known to watch videos and sometimes goof around with some students :P, but children need more as their attention spans are so small and constantly could be distracted. This is a natural thing. They want to play and for them the best thing to do is to let them play english games online under guidance of course, and of course learn with them together. This way, they could spend some time in studying in school but coming home and studying with their real teachers, you the loving parents. :)
So with that, please take care of yourself and try to remember, the family that plays together, stays together. 

Bye for now

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  1. The best and easiest way to learn is by doing something you enjoy. When its fun, you enjoy it more and are therefore encouraging yourself to learn. As a result, you learn more, especially since this method makes things easier to remember.


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