I am proud of all my students who are working hard to expand their minds and brains

By Your Teacher Loving Beast

There are a few scams in teaching english that is going on with so many students with so called courses that will magically make you an native speaker in a matter of months or weeks. Of course the lie is that there is no easy magical way to do this except with hard work and effort and continual exercise. So with that they then try to give you 20 minute exercises only on a specific subject so then you remember all the patterns of this so called subject. Nothing revolutionary, nothing much modern, complex or causing thought. So then by the time they end up judging you, they put you on this special high level to make you feel better, only to find out your not good enough, so you keep going. 

This kind of teaching is a lie. The truth is actually to understand we are all still growing and will continue to grow our skills for the rest of our lives. Yes, we can come to a point in where we can be satisfied with ourselves, and our situations can improve, but we're still growing and need to keep going. Otherwise all the hard work and effort you did to get to a particular level, will be a waste. So, this again why it's so important to maintain your skills and keep growing and using them.

I am proud of all my students who are working hard to expand their minds and brains. Yes some have thanked me for my efforts to help them grow, but honestly, they have done the incredible feat to keep moving despite being surrounded by their native languages, and not giving into the temptation to stop and give up. To me, they are ultimately the far stronger people that honestly I might never become. So if anything I have to thank them for allowing me to assist them on their path and helping them keep their minds and imaginations sharp as it has truly been an honor to serve the cause of spreading enlightenment, hope, understanding, and empowering them with the freedom of speech. 

So untill next time please take care of yourself and try to remember to not be afraid of mistakes in english because, "The only reason why we fall, is to learn to stand stronger." (Spider Man the Movie) and bye for now..

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