My New Headset :)

By Your Teacher Loving Beast

Yesterday, my headset broke down finally after 2 years of service. IT was one of the first cordless mic versions of Logitech. So in a flash I was off to Vatan to buy a new cordless headset. The new cordless headset I settled on was the Logitech H800. I like using wireless headsets over wired headsets as the wires could easily break and wear out in a short time considering all the use I put them in. Although my previous headset,s plastic was flimsy and broke quickly, I am hoping they improved the quality of their plastic. With my old headset it came with a plug in the wall transformer that you had to use in order to recharge it, but the nice part about this one is that it doesn't need the same plug in the wall and charges off of usb power. Although it already takes another separate usb mini adapter for the wireless connector, so it is actually killing 2 usb ports on the computer. So far it seems worth the price though. 

Another nice thing about the H800 is that it folds down to make it easier to pack, and has blue-tooth capability. I havent fully tested the blue-tooth part of it yet though, but if it's anything like the range of the wireless usb dongle feature it should be impressive as it easily talks though the walls of my apartment (which are made from solid concrete). 

The mic boom seems to be a little short though as I like a little more control and have it closer to my mouth for more private talking, but a couple of students said that it sounded very good so I can't complain about it. In the future I'll have more updates about this headset. By the way, the headset was on sale for 25% off of the retail value which was 285 TL. I only hope it lasts. So with that.. Please take care of yourself, and your equipment (so hopefully it can last a long time, or get it easily repaired...) and bye for now..

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