Proper Nouns

By Your Teacher Loving Beast

Today I'll talk briefly about proper nouns. Proper nouns and general nouns are almost identical in their definition but proper nouns are the EXACT names of the nouns rather than just any noun in that group. Lets pretend you have a cat. Now at first this cat is not named and is not special. However if you loved your cat and your cat was special to you, you might come up with the name Princess for your cat. One rule that we have for english is that we have to capitalize proper nouns or make the first letter of each word a capital letter, so we know when we are reading it that this is a special name and not just any type of noun. So lets get back to Princess. 

Now, another way how we can tell that this is a special noun is that we aren't using any article before the noun, so even when we are speaking we can know that Princess is a proper noun name and not just a princess or the princess in a storybook. So articles are pretty important to let us know if a word is a noun or not, and if it's a special noun or not. Articles can help us in other ways and I always seem to be stressing the importance of articles to students. So getting back to proper nouns, all the types of nouns could have specific names or even scientific names of animals. The big rule to remember with a proper noun is that there is only one of that noun.

People have individual names, even though they may share the same name with someone else, we still find nick names to make them more individual. Companies, and items also have specific names as well, but many times with the item names because there are so many of their group due to mass production, we rarely give them a proper name and just use a phrase to make the type or model more specific.

Proper names could also be used as adjectives as well to describe a common noun. So just observing nouns around you and noticing what they are doing is a small but important step in growing your skills in english. So untill next time please take care of yourself and the nouns around you..

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