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By Your Teacher Loving Beast
In today's world I need to stress the important values of staying together. As you may already know I have a daughter who is not living with me here in Turkey. She is in the US. Now the important fact to remember is that we contact each other at least 5 times a week (sometimes more) for about an hour or sometimes more per call. This could mean SERIOUSLY TERRIBLE INTERNATIONAL LONG DISTANCE FEES as these fees are charged by the minute and are usually more than 10 cents per minute. So for a moment let's consider this....

10 cents per minute = 1$ for every 10 minutes of calling

1 hour=6$ bill

if we were to try to call for an hour each day in the week
7 hours x 6$ = 42$
of course if we multiply this by 4 for 4 weeks in a month we get a bill of 162$ if not more, which is absolutely obnoxious! So how do I still stay connected to my daughter without incurring such a large bill? Simple use 

Make sure you have regional calling on your phone and the other person has regional calling on their phone. This plan would be a flat rate to call within the local region of your area. This flat rate of course would have to be paid every month. So when you both have regional calling, sign up for rebtel and deposit 20$ into the account. This will enable you to be able to use their service to make free calls. However you will be charged directly if you both do not call directly. So here is how it works, first you call your friend using the special rebtel number associated with the account you paid for and tell them to call you back, if they hang up in under 3 seconds of the call the account will not be charged. Then while your waiting on the line, they have hung up and call back the special rebtel number that is their local number or regional number. The call will connect and yes this will enable you both to talk for free for one hour, then the call will automatically disconnect. Of course if you repeat the same process again, the call will be free again to talk for another hour. So the only things you both are paying for are the initial rebtel fee, and your regional calling packages you both would be paying anyway. 
My wife and I use vodaphone which is charging us about 70TL for this feature, and my daughter's phone costs about 35$ for this feature in the US. These are bills we both would be paying anyway, so the only extra fee you might have to pay would be the 20$ to rebtel originally. If you do not other services at all that charge you the extra fees, you can keep the credit and use rebtel unlimitedly. 

Here is another video to explain the process in a video.

So with that.. Please take care of yourself and remember to stay connected... FOR FREE

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