What About Group Sessions?

By Your Teacher Loving Beast

Sorry it's been awhile since I typed a last entry here. I've just been busy and I have a guest staying with me now. One of the things I like to talk about is being on time and life happening. Many times unfortunately I am delayed. I tell my students directly and honestly that I do my best to give a full hour long online session but when one student is a little late I am tolerant because I know that life really does happen. So the problem with this is that many times I have other sessions that actually get backed up as well. So as a result by the end of the evening I have so many backed ups from 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there, it could be as bad as 30 minutes sometimes. So please when your ready to begin don't forget to say hello to me so I might be able to get back on schedule so I could start the next sessions on time. 

I also have been really wanting to start grouping sessions together and making anonymous online classes. I mean to be able to teach 2 or 3 students at a time would be far better than only one on one sessions. I mentioned this to my boss before but she honestly told me that no one was really interested in a grouped session where I could try to teach 2 or more students at once. 

I'ld really like some feedback as to what you might think about this and maybe share some ideas about online grouped sessions.Ok? So please until next time, take care of yourself and don't forget the time, otherwise time might forget you :(.

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