Second Life

By Your Teacher Loving Beast
Well I guess it's back to the story. The game masters changed the rules of Deicide Online and I would have had to remake my character, which would have taken me a very long time to do and nothing to show for it. I felt horrible in some ways as I wasted about a year of my life and had not much to show for my efforts. So I went on the hunt for a new "game" that I might be able to get something more substantial out of. This is when I stumbled into Second life. 

Second life is a way for artists, and other people to not only collaborate, but to also share in a 3d world environment. I learned how to make beautiful 3D environments and also started to let my artistic side flourish. I learned that the first student I had from Turkey got married, and it made me sad in some ways. I wished her well but she never got the message. I tried to invite her into Second Life, but again she didn't get the message. So I went back to creating things in Second life. 

This universe was a very beautiful place and I wanted to help others create things so much. It was then during my creating period I met a very special client who really liked my artistic flair, and she wanted me to build for her something very special that would actually end up changing my life forever. The project was a 3d computer model of a school. This school of course was very interesting and astounded my client. She then decided to offer me a new job as part time work, being an english teacher in the school at I am luvnbeast on there, and I started teaching chinese students, who were really needing help from a native speaker. Second life was a great way to help others as well as save money for myself. Money in which I would be needing in the future. 

However teaching wasn't really about money in so much as it was about the good feeling I got from helping others to express themselves. My new boss, Emmly, gave me some wisdom which I will never forget. She told me that there may be many times I do not always understand why I say the things I say, but I should learn why I say them and go by my instincts. This piece of advice kept me improving my skills and techniques, and to learn to trust myself even though sometimes I was put into very strange situations, and if I was wrong, I could learn why I was wrong and then adapt better. So I learned how to teach better the hard way in some ways, but far more natural and understand what ideas stuck better, and what would take more effort. 

Working for the Chinese was very good, and for the beginning I would do very good. However all things change, and in the next segment I'll talk more about how this was to change in time. So with that, please take care of yourselves and try to play well, but understand what your getting from your playing. So this way you can get more of what you really want rather then just an empty feeling....

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