Spring Cleaning

By Your Teacher Loving Beast
I'm sorry it's been such a long time since my last update. I have been so busy lately. I started to correct papers on the side as well as doing some spring cleaning of my computer. The spring cleaning part wasn't as bad as the papers though. I mean for me it was so sad the volume of mistakes I was getting and just quietly correcting. It bothered me that here they were trying to express themselves in english but not caring enough about the language to understand that the most important verb be changes after the noun, not to mention other issues that I won't go into here. So the thing that disturbs me the most though is that I felt I was just mindlessly giving them the answers and they weren't learning anything. The same guy who wrote the garbage with the bad mistakes of be will just get the paper and won't even bother to read it as he gloats about how wonderful his english is, and then complains he can't speak english but he could magically write the language. This is why I am particularly proud of my students who try to grow their skills instead of just relaxing and pulling some lame stunt.

In spring cleaning of my computer though I have been playing with a great tool that's free and has been really useful, called MyDefrag  http://www.mydefrag.com/

It's been thoroughly de-fragging my system. Yes it might be a little slower at first but at least I know I can get the job done nicely and accurately. So until next time, please take care of yourselves, and enjoy our spring weather. Bye for now. 

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