Turkey Happy Children's day

By Your Teacher Loving Beast

I should take a break from the story to wish everyone in Turkey Happy Children's day. In the US, unfortunatly we don't celebrate Children's day. It's kind of sad in a way. When I was growing up, I asked my mother about a Children's day. She lied and told me there wasn't such a thing, and that everyday was supposed to be Children's day. To me this was kind of sad. Although for me, My favorite holiday was always the 4th of July, which was Independence Day in the US. I still keep that tradition even though I am here in Turkey, because to me, independence isn't just a concept of a country, it's about a concept of the right of all sentient beings. 

The right to be functional, The right to have freedom of speech, and of course the right to extend and protect others you care for and love. Those to me are what originally the US fought for, and I still believe and strive for, for all of my students. 

So on this special day, I can only hope that each one of you can appreciate the free spirits of children and and to preserve the rights of independence of all life forms great and small. So with that, please take care of yourselves and your children, because in the eyes of the universe, we are ALL children in one form or another. :)

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