Why did I come to Turkey?

By Your Teacher Loving Beast
I have been asked by many students why did I come here to Turkey from the US. The truth is I came because of a very special girl who I met over 10 years ago. I met her on the internet. When she first messaged me I thought it was a badly written computer program designed only to give ads. On that day I felt mischievous and wanted a cheap laugh. So I asked it an obnoxious question but the funny thing about this spam bot, was that it answered somewhat intelligently in a way that a normal computer wouldn't have answered. (IT had to do with the color of something) Then in that moment I realize I wasn't talking to a computer program but an actual life form, and the life form really needed help expressing herself. So I took it on myself to try to help her express herself. Although I didn't know that much about teaching english at the time, her skills grew, quite impressively. I helped her complete and correct a very advanced paper she was working on in college which actually got published internationally in english of course. Through her passing her college exams and having such a great success I really wanted to be together with her. 

Unfortunately I had a young daughter at the time, and she couldn't leave Turkey due the horrible immigration policies that started back then. We hardly had any money together and all I was was an electronic ghost in a machine. Although I stayed with her for quite some time, it became more and more frustrating that we couldn't be together. Her sister had the audacity to call me fake and not real (which she learned to regret for the rest of her life hehehhe) and there wasn't any hope for us to really be together. So instead of hurting her I let her go and have her freedom. I broke up the relationship to stop hurting her and come back down to reality. She was in Turkey and I was stuck in NY. In the next part I'll start to talk more about what happened next, but please understand that in a sense this girl was my very first student, a student I deeply cared for and didn't stop believing in.

So with that.. Please take care of yourself, and the opportunities that present themselves to you, even if they seem only to exist as an electronic ghost in a machine. :)

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