My friend from Turkey

By Your Teacher Loving Beast
At first, teaching wasn't exactly easy for me. I went through a few different changes while I was teaching to try to find my own style. There were many chinese students with so many different skill levels and honestly it was tough trying to help them at first. So I began to ignore their so called levels and just focused on what they needed most. This was the first key to teaching, that many teachers seem to fail at. I started to become very good. My chinese boss was very kind and patient with me, which is something that really I respond to well when I work. 

My friend who I ever had in Turkey was experiencing a very abusive relationship with the man she chose to marry after me. Through an interesting turn of events I happened to meet her again after I broke up with my student who I fell for. I learned that I could never fall for another student because of course after they got done using me, they would just simply go leaving me with a broken heart, and not giving much to me except for empty promises. Except for my first student, in many ways she experienced life in a very special and painful way. 

So the next segment is the last and final segment which I'll save for another day. So please take care of yourselves and appreciate the good traits your loved ones have, or you may loose them forever.. 

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