The 52 Week Money Challenge!

2014 has rolled around and everyone is starting to make their New Year's resolutions public. One of the most popular resolutions every year is to save more money yet the goal never materializes and becomes a reality. Instead, it's pushed to another year, like most resolutions. One of the best ways to be more proactive about a goal is to have a physical reminder and plan to ensure you're making progress.

Enter the 52 week money challenge jar by blogger Kaylie, a biology student from Boston. The goal is simple: for each week, add that exact amount of money into the jar. For example, if it's week 26, you would add $26 or if it's week 50 then you would add $50. In the end, you would save $1,378, a nice sum of money, enough to go on vacation, buy a nice present, or something else entirely.

The beauty of this challenge is that it can be adapted. If it's for kids by using smaller sums of money. You may also stick to it better if you reverse the order of the money by making yourself save bigger now and save smaller later.

Want to get started? This is what you'll need:
This template here or if it's for kids then use this template using quarterhere [Note: more templates can be found here.]
Jar of choice

That's it! Just print off the desired template and get started. The year is fresh and it's time to save.

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