About teaching from Skype

By Your Teacher 

So many people are asking me for an in person session, and expect me to magically help them with their English skills. I tell them the best place for adults to learn is in Skype, due to the idea that I have the whole internet, available to me to help me explain the ideas that I am trying to express, and they also get a copy of text for important notes. Then I hear them say that Skype doesn't seem real to them, as a face to face session. So I consider it their loss..

I might be getting help though soon to be able to teach the very beginners English. Another teacher expressed interest in joining our little crew to expand the ability to teach and help people. The biggest problem I have is that I do not speak Turkish, and I am a terrible student, as I am so focused on trying to help others understand English and meeting their needs. Plus I couldn't possibly learn enough, to be able to help the beginners. So another teacher might be joining the ranks online soon to help us who could teach English, with Turkish knowledge. I'll keep you posted when that finally happens.

It's been feeling more and more like spring coming in the air, and I hope soon I could be able to shake off the winter blahs, and start to enjoy a warmer spring soon. Thank you for letting me vent these feelings and ideas.. and so with that, please take care of yourselves, and keep exploring the internet, because the internet is far far bigger than our little bodies can handle..

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