10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Romania

After two members of the Bored Panda team traveled to Romania on vacation, they were absolutely inspired by this country. This often-overlooked tourist destination is a hidden gem filled with beautiful forests, regal castles and epic mountains.
Owing to its rich medieval history, Romania is positively saturated with beautiful castles in various states of repair. The country also has a huge amount of undisturbed forest (and the largest population of brown bears in Europe), making it a great destination for nature lovers. With the Carpathian mountains running through the center of the country, the combination makes for some unforgettably memorable views.
If you're from Romania or if you've been there on vacation, we'd love to see your favorite sights! And don't forget to vote for your favorite photos on this list.

2.Tunnel of Love
Romanian Tunnel Of Love
3.The Moss Swamp
The Moss Swamp
5.Bucegi Mountains
Bucegi Mountains
6.The Village Biertan
Autumn Morning Fog In The Village Biertan
The Transfagarasan, Transylvania
Bucegi Mountains
Sunflower Fields
Rodnei Mountains, Romania

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