How To Open Your Third Eye – The Chakra Of Clairvoyance

In this video, we explore the methods by which we can open and awaken our third eye, the chakra of clairvoyance. The first step is to meditate and chant the word “Thoh,” which is pronounced “toe.”
Sit with your back straight, breathe in through your nose, hold that breath as long as you feel comfortable with, then open your jaws so there’s a small space between your top and bottom teeth. Place the tip of your tongue between the space of the slightly parted teeth.
Apply light pressure with your tongue on your teeth, and make the “th” sound of “thoh.” Allow the “oh” portion of the word to extend for the duration of your exhale. Say it one time per exhale.Do this five times in a row, one time a day, for three days, exactly 24 hours apart.

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