Read on to see Goldberger’s answers to Bored Panda’s questions about his work!

I am so fond of super heroes, and I was also raised with Flemish paintings in my parent’s house,” Goldberger told Bored Panda.

I always try to give my point of view on things. I try to tell a story. With this series, I am speaking about a lot of things, like European romanticism, mortality, vulnerability…
I have been working on super heroes with my grandmother mamika for the last 5 years. Three years ago I did a Flemish painting series.
This Super Flemish series is the conclusion of 5 years of work
Goldberger said that their were many unique challenges in this project: “How to find perfect super hero look-alikes? How to get animals? What would the costume look like in the 15th, 16th centuries…
He added that the project was “the work of a team. I am only the photographer. All my team is so professional and precious. Thank you to them