We Shouldn't Laugh, But...See These Adorable Kids Falling Down

There's nothing cuter than kids falling down -- as long as no one gets hurt!
People falling down? Hilarious. Kids falling down? Too much cuteness. These kids are just minding their own business when all of a sudden, gravity attacks.

She just wanted to ride her trike, but the curb got in the way.


This little girl just wanted to play on her Sit 'n' Spin, but gravity had other plans.

This tot finally mastered sitting up, when it all went to the dogs.

This boy… No, there was no way this was going to work. At least he’s wearing his helmet.

These siblings saw this going differently.

He was just trying to take his first steps. He didn’t know he would also be doing his first handstand.

This little girl just wanted to get a closer look.

She just wanted to enjoy a nice meal. She didn’t know Mom was going to make her eat Brussels sprouts!

No children were hurt in the making of this article.

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