11 must have smartphone apps

  1. Pushbullet – Send files, text to your mobile from your browser and vica versa. You can add multiple devices to your Pushbullet account. Of course you have to download the browser plugin too.
  2. World Lens Translator – An awesome app which translates any text on a picture/video.
  3. IFTTT – IF This Than That. Tell this app what to do and it will do it for you. For example if a new picture is uploaded to a Facebook group then the app will download it to a local folder on your phone. Browse some recipes on the official website.
  4. Wakie – Social alarm clock. Let other people wake you up or wake up someone.
  5. uListen – This app plays YouTube audio in the background.
  6. Lumosity – An app which will make you smarter with brain games.
  7. Waze – Get road informations from other drivers.
  8. Twilight – F.lux for mobile. This app is Android only, but here is the real F.lux for iOS.
  9. GasBuddy (Android|iOS) – Informs you about the gas prices in your area.
  10. Duolingo – Learn a new language in the easiest and most fun way. Available for Android and iOS, but there is an awesome browser version too.
  11. My Fitness Pal – Best weight loss app on the market.

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