1. Keep a gratitude journal
In my gratitude journal, I list ten things every day that I’m grateful for. This may sound like a lot to record every day, but if you look around you will find so many blessings to be thankful for. Some examples are: good health, relationships, your job, food, education, electricity, running water etc. Many of these things we often take for granted, yet if we were to be without them life would be unbearable. If you don’t have time to list ten things, just write down three or as many as you can. This isn’t meant to be onerous, it’s about appreciating all the positive elements in your daily life and really feeling truly thankful for them.

2. Singing in the shower
I always find an early morning shower to be the best time and place to feel grateful. Say thank you for the warm water running over you and cleansing body.
I also use this time to visualize something I would like to bring into my life and say thank you for it as if it has already appeared. Sometimes, I sing one of my favorite songs and change all the lyrics to two simple words; thank you.

3. Find your happy fail-safe
Your happy fail-safe is something that is guaranteed to make you feel happy and grateful. It could be a photo, a piece of jewelry, a card or even a memory. Take it out and look at it (or think about it) and then say thank you for the people, love and happiness that contributed to it. When I feel down, calling on my happy fail-safe (which is a silly family photo) always helps improve my mood.

4. Tun round a negative situation
If something is troubling you, try and visualize the ideal outcome. Imagine how you would feel, what you would say, where you would be etc and really feel as if the problem has been solved. Then say thank you for the positive outcome.

5. Visualize some more!
Whatever you would like to see in your life, visualize it in the manner above and feel the gratitude for it in your heart. Say thank you over and over for it because you truly believe it is yours already.

6. Project your gratitude
If someone close to you has a crisis or is going through a tough time, imagine that everything works out well for them. Then say thank you for their happiness and send them all your love and gratitude for the part they play in your life.

7. What if?
What if your boiler packed in and you had no hot water and heating? What if your drains collapsed and you couldn’t flush your toilets? Or if your washing machine broke and you had to traipse to a launderette?
We tend to only notice these objects only when they are gone or broken, however it’s so important to appreciate them when they are working hard for us too.
The same can be said for people – what would life be like without your loved ones? Or your health? Your eyesight? Imagine how you would feel without any of the above and then be grateful for everything you have now.

8. Gratitude for money
Every time money leaves your hands to buy something you need, say thank you for it. It’s so easy to focus on lack of money (believe me, I know!) and we often don’t appreciate the money we do have.
Say thank you for the money that pays your bills and buys your groceries. Even if you hate your job, thank your employer for providing you with an income. If you feel gratitude for the money you already have you’ll have a better relationship with it and will be likely to attract more.
Stop saying phrases such as, ‘I’m broke’ or ‘I can’t afford it’ because when you do, you’re not being appreciative of the money you do have.

9. Say thank you for being alive
When you wake up in the morning, before you step out of bed or roll over to check your phone, say thank you for the simple fact that you have woken up. Say thank you for being alive. This is one of the most important gratitude practices you can perform daily. When it comes down to it, your life is the ultimate gift and you should be thankful for it.

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